Raf Ferrari Quartet – Aberdeen Jazz Festival

The lineup of  this band, uncommon in jazz, consists of pianist, composer and bandleader Raf Ferrari, bass player Andrea Colella, drummer Claudio Sbrolli and cellist Vito Stano. The title of their new album is “Quattro” and it’s a concept album divided into two suites. Quattro is a musical journey, an excursion crossing melodic and harmonic boundaries, an expedition with four tour guides who have been working together for nearly ten years. The music ranges from jazz to contemporary, from classical to funk and free pop-rock. The first suite, comprised of four original compositions, are representations that Raf ascribes to himself and his musicians. The other suite, “The Seasons”, is divided into four tracks dedicated to the seasons, but linked musically through a single song without interruption

“Without the cello of Vito Stano, Raf Ferrari’s combo could be just another gifted post-E.S.T. trio.” – Jazz Journal



23 Mar 2023


8:00 pm

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