Phil Bancroft’s Beautiful Storm

In a long and distinguished career, Phil Bancroft has been a key innovator and composer for bands such as the John Rae Collective, Trio AAB, and his own Trios and Quartets. After a decade where his unmistakeable saxophone voice mostly shone in projects led by Graeme Stephen and Paul Harrison, Phil is on the move again as a serious creative leader. This autumn he launches his take on an artist-led record label in the age of Spotify. His web portal Myriad Streams will release 8 albums over the next two years, including a debut album from this brand new trio- Beautiful Storm. The Storm features two of Phil’s long-time collaborators, master musicians both- Scottish Guitarist Graeme Stephen and Indian Tabla maestro Gyan Singh- exploring the confluence OF two great improvisational traditions – Indian Classical and contemporary Jazz. Compositions explore new approaches to rhythmic cycles, the meeting of contemporary jazz harmony, chromaticism and raga, under the influence of Celtic melody and ornamentation. This line-up is as yet unrecorded, but to give a flavour, Phil is sharing with the Lamp a sneak preview of duo recordings made with Gyan Singh –

Expect more of the same at this concert.



06 Oct 2022


8:00 pm

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